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Clari is a highly skilled and experienced interior designer with over 15 years of combined experience in furniture specs, space planning, project management in high-end residential projects, and commercial office design.


Those who know her always compliment her impeccable taste and design solutions.  Her portfolio showcases her talent for creating both functional and sophisticated designs.


Professional Experience


With a degree in Interior Design, Clari worked as a furniture specifier for a high-end custom furniture store. She quickly developed a reputation for her keen eye for detail and her ability to successfully deliver customer orders, design and specify new cabinetry, and update existing designs for better functionality.


Subsequently, she transitioned into a design and project management position working with a design-build contractor, where she quickly demonstrated her ability to connect with clients and understand their specific vision to deliver a finished product that meets the client's expectations.


As the in-house Designer / Project Manager she worked on a wide range of residential projects at luxury condominiums and homes throughout Miami, leveraging her diverse interior design skills in space planning, kitchens, bathrooms, custom millwork, closet design, as well as outdoor space design, such as patios and decks.


Never one to rest on her laurels, over the last decade, Clari added new skills to her wheelhouse, such as commercial office design, 3D modeling and BIM software, nd safety standards specifications like Aging in Place and Outdoor Kitchen Design.


Client Vision


She takes the time to connect with clients to understand their specific lifestyle and needs.  She then goes to work with a single-minded focus to deliver that vision.


Designing interiors that not only display beautiful and sophisticated features, such as luxury furniture, fixtures, soft materials, unique color palettes, and spatial configurations, but also meet specific needs of the user, and often in ways that they did not consider.  She can achieve this because she ascribes the ASID motto that “Design Impacts Lives.”   Design is not just about aesthetics.  It is far more about how the user experiences that space, how it can elevate the mindset, productivity, and quality of life.




She has collaborated with various professionals, ranging from prominent architects, designers, vendors, and contractors alike, establishing a professional rapport with all these colleagues, to achieve the goal of delivering projects that adhere to or surpass the original client’s vision.  Ensuring the results exhibit a high level of quality in both the finishes and aesthetics. 





As a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Clari has industry resources at her disposal to approach any project with any special characteristics or requirements, such as universal design, aging in place, outdoor design, smart home design, or sustainable design.

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